You'll be glad you did!

Every year, millions of spatulas are discarded or abandoned. Most of them still have a lot of good use left in them and could add years of assistance to you in your kitchen. Don't let another poor spatula suffer the loneliness and disillusionment of of having its industry challenged and find itself devalued. Quite possibly these hapless spatulas could end up on the black market and sold to unscrupulous spatula slavery rings that force rubber mixing bowl spatulas to scrape out cement from cement mixers or worse, take wooden spatulas and make them flip greasy burgers on a grill until they become charred beyond recognition and eventuality burn up alive!
Spatulas Available for adoption:
(please check back often as the spatulas do find homes and new ones are come in all the time)
Blackie Boy needs only minor repair and would be very happy to be adopted by a home or small diner. Don't let Blackie Boy end up in the wrongs hands!
These brand new young spatulas were just molded in Sri Lanka and assembled in Mexico this month. Young spatulas have long lives and could become long-term cooking companions! These baby spatulas don't yet have names, so you can call them anything you like.
This newly assembled litter of high-grade silicone can mix hot ingredients up to 1100 degrees! They would make a wonderful addition to your kitchen drawers.
This large family of spatulas were found in the home of a spatula hoarder. They were living in unhealthy crowded situations and rarely were washed and dried. There is a wide assortment of useful spatulas here, all will be guarantied by Better Homes and Gardens and completely sterilized before being placed in a new home.
This old former ranch house skillet spatula was abandoned in an old trailer and was kidnapped by spatula thieves and then sold to a soup kitchen run by wolves. This spatula was exposed to the most horrendous of situations being made to stir thick batches of pureed pinto beans and feathers together for up to 18 hours a day.
"Old Choc" was once a gourmet chocolate spreader but when it became slightly bent at the tip it was discarded for a newer high grade rubber replacement.
Dainty Dan, the burger flipper, was used for weeks on end without washing and forced to contaminate every food item it was put into contact with. The stress of this situation caused the grime and fat of the burgers to become permanently attached as excess baggage. The result of this trauma left Dan listless and charred.
This hapless and nameless spatula was used to make crack cocaine and ended spending many years in a prison kitchen.
Although Orange Sandy is, in fact, broken in two and no longer able to be used, she could be made into a mobile or possibly super glued and used 2 or 3 more times.
This careless housewife was captured on film inappropriately using a metal grill spatula as a fly swatter. The spatula was removed from the home and relocated.