Presents: How to use a spatula.

1) Position the spatula so that the handle is resting in the palm of your hand. Your hand should be turned so that underside of your wrist and the palm of your hand are facing the ceiling, and the spatula should be right-side up.
2) Wrap your fingers around the handle so that your four fingers are gripping the handle and your thumb is flat against the side of the spatula.
3) Hold the pot or pan you are using with your opposite hand.
4) Slide the flat end of the spatula under the food that needs to be removed. Once the spatula is under the food, slowly lift the food from the pot or pan.
5) Flip your wrist in toward your body so that your thumb and fingers end up in opposite positions. The back of your hand should now be facing the ceiling and the food should be flipped over and either removed from your pot or pan or discarded into the trash.